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Casa Rural Sanahuja organizes:

Organized Excursions

In Casa Rural Sanahuja we carry out all kinds of activities and organized tours, including:

Guided Tours

  • On weekends: so that all those who visit us, you can know the most outstanding natural enclaves of the Sierra de Gúdar, its flora, fauna and customs, depending on the small introductions are made to the mycology or flora of the area at the time of the year: We will make a route of 2 loops, enabling the realization of a single shorter loop for “Guided Tours”.
  • Entresemana : The routes will be carried out on request and with a minimum group of 6 pax.
  • Hiking: For those who like this healthy sport, they will last 4-5h . and will travel a maximum distance of 12 km. (2 loops) From 10 years. Price: € 10.
  • Guided tours: For non-sports and family members. With a duration of 2-3 hours, they will have a maximum route of 4 km, (1 loop) will be enlivened with games of tracks for the little ones. Suitable from 4 years. Price: € 10.
  • Necessary material: Boots or mountain shoes, sportswear, backpack, some food, hat, sunscreen, 1.5 l. of water per person. Do not forget your camera.

Refreshing Walks In Valdelinares

A different walk, with its touch of emotion, fun and ideal for when the heat tightens. On the banks and by the river itself, with a dip included, in places of high scenic value and where the flow does not require knowing how to swim to adults.

Depending on the weather, it will be more refreshing or less, in case of heat, almost the entire route runs through water.

This activity will allow us to know the vegetation and fauna of the riverbank and see nature from an unusual perspective.

Horse trips

We invite you to know the most rural Teruel on the back of our friendly mares and horses and to live an experience of full contact with nature.

The tour is divided into two sections, the first one brings us to a chopera on the banks of the Alcalá River where we can observe the typical ribera vegetation and the second one will take us into a mixed forest of Pine, Encina, Sabinas and Enebros until we reach an old An isolated farmhouse that will allow us to imagine how it was lived in rural Teruel until recently.

It is not necessary to know how to ride to make the trip because before starting this, the participants are instructed in our facilities.

Aquatic Trekking

It is an initiation to the descent of ravines, apt from the 12 years, and in which it is not necessary the use of ropes or other elements of security.

The trekking is not another thing that to walk cross country but in this case we go through the river Mijares, following its waters. It differs from the refreshing walks by the flow of water, which on occasions will force us to swim without standing, and which makes it necessary to know how to swim in order to carry out this activity.

We will also find in our route large rocks and slopes that we will have to overcome, climbing or making exciting waterfalls, we will visit great waterfalls, natural jaccuzys and all framed in natural landscapes of great beauty that will provide us with magnificent sensations.

Teruel´s Mushrooms

Exit to the field that will last three and a half hours approximately, to know the world of mushrooms in situ, we will learn the importance of these fruits of the earth, their habitats, their charms and also their dangers, and to identify in a practical way, the species found during the exit, easier to recognize.

Aimed at all those people who without previous knowledge wish to approach the world of mushrooms.

Also out to the field to recognize mushrooms, accompanied by a mycologist. Directed to those people who already distinguish two or three types of different mushrooms and who wish to expand their knowledge in this field. Duration: 3 h. Small groups.

Trenches of the Civil War in Sarrión

Trenches of the Civil War in Sarrión (Comarca Gúdar Javalambre, Teruel).
We will visit the defensive positions of the Civil War, in this route we will visit the defensive positions of the Civil War in Sarrión.

We will see trenches, machine gun nests, command posts, observation posts … etc, all of them in fairly good condition. In addition, they are well signposted and explained with panels: what each served, curiosities … etc.

From the same Sarrión there is a paved and signposted track that leads to there. On this bike route we will make the first part by a road, then climb the port and make the way back along the asphalt track.

If we are going to access by car, we can go without problems through the paved road, which reaches only 2 kilometers from the positions. From the junction where the paved road ends we can walk. This last section can also be done with SUVs or with a car that is a bit high, since the road has some stones.

Sarrión led to two of the most significant static-defensive battles of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Being located on horseback of the natural line of penetration from Aragon to Levante, Zaragoza-Teruel-Sagunto general road, it constitutes the lower vertex of the triangle formed by Mora de Rubielos and Rubielos de Mora by the east, and with the defensive positions in the foothills of the Sierra de Javalambre in the west. Its importance lies in its occupation, as a key defensive point for both sides:

First for the army of the republican that, as a result of the last battle of Teruel, has left this city in the hands of Franco’s army and has started the offensive both on Castellón and on Valencia.

Second for the national army that, as a consequence of its frustrated offensive on Valencia, needs to occupy this strategic enclave.

These were the reasons that led to the famous battles of Sarrión, which were fought by two of the most important units of the war: the army of Castile on the part of the nationals, commanded by General J. Enrique Varela Churches; and the Special Tactical Unit by the Republican Army, commanded by General Menéndez.

The fact that the trenches changed hands many times and that there were variations in the directions of attack, implies that certain defensive elements were not used for the purposes for which they were built. Thus, the remains that we find are the result of the construction and use by both sides.

Now that we know the history of the place to visit, we return to the route: We left then from the village of Sarrión, located in the Gúdar Javalambre Region. For our bike route we take the road to the exit of the town. As we have already said, those who go by car can take the paved track that leaves from the same town of Sarrión (this track is marked on the map of the route, since it is the one that we will take on the way back when we go by bike) .

The first part of the road passes by the Sarrión farm fields. On this road we will pass by many stone farmhouses, typical of this area. The road is in good condition, and although we are going up little by little, it is quite pleasant and we hardly notice the climb. We will see several crossings with other roads, which you can consult in the road map.

At the end the road reaches the paved road. At this point of the route is when the real hill begins. We expect more than 5 kilometers of uphill, so it is better to take it calmly. In this section it is appreciated that the track is asphalted and not full of boulders 🙂

After a good time of climb we will reach the end of the track, right at a crossroads between several roads. This crossing is signposted. We will take the address ‘Defensive Positions’. From this crossing we can also go to see another machine gun nest different from the one we will see in the defensive positions, which is also indicated by a sign (2 kilometers from the crossing). Well, as we said, we took the road to the defensive positions of the Civil War. We will have to walk a little less than 2 kilometers along the road (also uphill, not to vary).

The defensive positions are very close to a meadow with a couple of farmhouses. When we see these farmhouses we have to be attentive to see the indications. To make the visit for the defensive positions we will have to leave the bike tied and walk.

To the right of the road we will see the trenches on the hillside, through which we can walk. Going down the slope and climbing a bit on the other side we have the command post of the battalion. To the left of the road and climbing a little we have a path that we can follow to make the visit for the rest of constructions: trenches, command posts, machine gun nests, surveillance post … etc. In each construction there is an explanatory sign that gives us information about these constructions, the platoons and how the war developed in this area.

The bike ride will be done on the paved track. In a few minutes we will download what it has taken us hours to climb.

Schedules and Prices - Activities

  • Trails and guided walks.
    From 6 years. Price: € 10 pax.
    Minimum group 6 pax. Depending on the group between 2.5 and 3.5h.
  • Climbing Minimum group 2 pax.Apta from 8 years. Duration: 3h Approximately Price: € 26
  • Refreshing walk. Minimum group 4 pax. From 6 years. Price: € 16 Duration: Depending on the group between 2.5 and 3.5 hours.

    (only from June 12 to September 15)

  • Aquatic Trekking. 12 years old Price: € 26

    (only from June 12 to September 15)

  • Mushrooms for everyone, Basic introduction to mycology. Minimum group 3 pax. Duration: 3 h. approximately Price: € 20 per person, from 12 years of age.

    Under 12 years: € 10 per person. from 6 years.

    (only done in October, if the season allows it)

  • Mushrooms of Teruel, Introduction to mycology Turolense Duration: 3 h. approximately Price: € 30 per person, from 12 years old.

    (only takes place in October and two weeks in May if the season allows it)

  • Archery starting from 8 years. Duration: 40 min. Minimum: 4 pax. Maximum: 8 pax. Price: € 14
  • “A stroll through the stars” – Night Tour
    After 8 years. Minimum: 8 pax. Duration: depending on the group between 2 and 3h.
    hours. Price: € 8 (only from May to September)
  • Family Packages:
    • Hiking + Night excursion, € 16 pax (not done in summer)
    • Night excursion + Hiking + Archery, € 29.00 pax (not done in summer)
    • Night excursion + Refreshing walk + Archery, € 35 pax
    • Walk Refreshing + Climbing + Night excursion, € 46 pax
    • Climbing + Archery + Hiking, € 45
    • Adventure Packages
      • Climbing or Aquatic Trekking + Night excursion + Archery, 42 € pax
      • Climbing + Aquatic Trekking + Night excursion + Archery, 62 € pax